1. Where can I use the purchased licenses?


As part of my offer, I propose Royalty Free music for videos on Youtube, Vimeo, podcasts, presentations, and for use in various advertising and multimedia productions, advertising spots, games, theater performances or radio and TV programs.

Sections 3 and 4 detail the use depending on which license has been purchased.


2. What is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty Free music in short is one that is paid for once, and the author of the music does not collect the copyright and property royalty for each playback of the song.

3. What are the differences between licenses?

Licenses can be divided into two types depending on the field of use and coverage:

Standard license:

   1.Web channels: Youtube (one channel), Vimeo (one channel)

   2.websites (one domain)

   3. advertising films

   4. multimedia presentations

   5. animations

   6. audiobooks

   7.games, applications (internet only)

   8. school projects

   9. theatrical plays

10. podcasts

11.stores, restaurants (one location)

12.phone exchange (one location)

13.materials on CD, DVD, Pendrive - up to 2000 pcs.

14. TV and Radio (regional coverage)

  one project

Broadcast license - everything in the standard + license


1.radio and TV (international coverage)

2.games applications (all fields of use)

3. CD, DVD, Pendrive (unlimited)

4.phone exchange (multiple locations)

5.stores restaurants (multiple locations)

many projects

4.Where can I use the music I downloaded for free?

You can use the music downloaded from the website for non-commercial purposes in your YouTube video (however, you cannot monetize the video, i.e. derive income from playing this video)

Music downloaded for free for commercial purposes, you can use without restrictions.



5. Is the music protected in any way?

Yes, most of the works I am author are protected by the Content ID system.

It is a "watermark" on the audio recording that identifies the musician on the Youtube channel.

This is a common form of protection used by many music authors around the world.

6. What to do if after uploading music to Youtube

has the "copyright claim" flag shown?

This is a normal procedure for telling you that you are using third party music that owns the music copyright. This is not a warning - you can continue to use the music, but with no monetization.


If you have purchased a license for a specific piece of music for commercial use, i.e. you have the opportunity to earn money and have it as a pdf file, to remove the "flag" regarding the "copyright claim" you should:

way1 . directly on Youtube.


Each license specifies the title of the song and the author- and the content of the license, you show the data to Youtube in order to remove the "flag" of the image of the copyright claim of the music used in the film.

way 2 . the fastest and easiest through the website: HAAWK:  https://www.haawk.com/whitelist

-select: "Release a HAAWK Claim on a video" cancel the claim

-then enter the link to your video

-Name, name and email address

-in the test field, copy the text of the purchased license at the end, add the text:

  I purchased a license for the work: ... ( enter the title of the work) ....  at the website: www.musicphrase.net

and i can use it in youtube video.