noise reduction of recordings

If in your recording:


-hear noises

- you can hear indistinct dialogs

- you can hear too clearly too sharply pronounced syllables

-hears crackling noises

- background sounds interfere with the understanding of the conversation

- the sound level is too low

- you can hear "hum" in the background




How to complete an order? :

- send the recording to the e-mail address:  (up to 100 m)


larger files via website:

-Please attach a short text describing what is to be corrected in the recording

-You will receive a free, repaired sample of the recording along with the quote and data for transfer.

audio file formats : preferably in .wav format, other formats: mp3, wma, mp4, m4a, AIF

lead time: 1-3 days

payment: on the data sent in the order

* gross price applies to noise reduction of the recording up to 10 minutes.



Recordings noise reduction

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