1 Music Vlog Pack Containing Royalty Free Music Tracks:

Musical pieces containing the sound of a piano:


1.Ambient-lo-fi (lo-fi, ambient, time vlog) 2:31
2.Funny Whistle no beat full (Acoustic guitar, positive, whistling, vibraphone) time 2:10

3.Happy Guitar Walk 1:12 time

4.Inspiring Piano Uplifting (motivational, piano, applause, acoustic guitar, bass) time 1:11

5.Positive Piano Ukulele Full  (Acoustic guitar, positive, piano, bells, ukulele, applause) 1:16


file format : 16 bit wav


the package includes audio files as well  license in .pdf format

Package 1 Vlog (broadcast license)

Sales Tax Included
  • The broadcast license includes:

      1. Internet channels: Youtube (several channels), Vimeo (several channels)

       2.websites (multiple domains)

       3. advertising films

       4. multimedia presentations

       5. animations

       6. audiobooks

       7.games, applications (all fields of use)

       8. school projects

       9. theatrical plays

    10. podcasts

    11.stores, restaurants (many locations)

    12.phone exchange (multiple locations)

    13.materials on carriers (unlimited)

    14. TV and Radio (coverage without regional restrictions)

    4. animations

    5. audiobooks

    5.games, applications (internet only)

    6. school projects

    7. theatrical plays

    8. podcasts

    9.stores, restaurants (one location)

    10.phone exchange (one location)

    11.Materials on CD, DVD, Pendrive - up to 2000 pcs.

    12.Tv and Radio (regional coverage)

    ​ one project,  one Youtube channel, one domain