Shop rules

1. Definitions:


seller: Musicphrase Production- company Musicphrase Production Jacek Żur, ul. Plac Sejmu Śląskiego 2 room. 304 Katowice 40-032 NIP: 9541045763


store - an online store selling licenses via the Internet.


license-right granted to the buyer to use a musical work by Musicphrase Production Jacek Żur on the terms specified in the contract


music piece - a musical composition or a sound effect saved in mp3 format. or wav.


a package - a collection of musical works


customer / buyer-license buyer


license fee - a one-time fee for granting a license for the non-exclusive use of a musical work


order - Customer's declaration of will clearly specifying the type and number of licenses that the customer intends to purchase under the Sales Agreement

Regulations - these regulations available in electronic version on the store's website



2. General provisions:


1. The online store sells licenses via the Internet.

2. The condition for placing an order in the store by the customer is to read these regulations. The buyer agrees with the provisions of this contract. 

The agreement comes into force on the day of purchasing the license (payment for the license).

3. Through the store, the customer can purchase the license shown on the Store's website.

4. To make a purchase in the store, it is necessary to meet the basic technical conditions by the customer's computer: Internet access, standard operating system, having an active e-mail address, standard web browser.

5. The license prices given on the store's website are gross prices. 

6. This is a license agreement between Musicphrase Production and the licensee

7. The buyer acquires the rights to a non-exclusive license in accordance with its scope - for use

a piece of music in the final product. The buyer obtains the right to synchronize the music in the audiovisual work.

8. After paying the fee, the buyer gets access to the music in the form of an audio file.

He also receives a .pdf text file with detailed license and proof of purchase

9.The license is valid together with the payment confirmation


3. Placing an order


1. Orders placed by the website can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On Sunday, only the store's infrastructure and the automated response system are open. E-mails or phone calls are not answered on Sunday.

2. The customer can place an order after registering or as a guest.

3. The registered customer has an account in the store, which he set up from the "My Account" tab or when placing an order.

4. In order to complete the order, the customer is obliged to take the following actions:

a) selecting the license or package that is the subject of the order by clicking the "Add to basket" button

b) going to the basket view

c) payment selection

d) correctly fill in your data, telephone number and e-mail address, and provide the data for whom the license is to be issued:  * Data of the recipient of the license: Name and surname / Company name; street; city, postal code. When these figures are not complete, the seller will contact the customer. If it is not possible to contact the customer, the seller has the right to cancel the order

f) after reading the regulations and accepting them, clicking the "order and pay" button

g) After clicking the "order and pay" button, the customer will receive an account number for the transfer

i) The store is not responsible for providing incorrect data when placing the order by the buyer.


4. Order fulfillment


1. After completing the order / payment, the seller will inform the customer by e-mail about this fact.

2. The purchased license is available for download as an audio file after payment

3. The customer also receives a document in the form of a .pdf file confirming the purchase of the selected license


5. Forms of delivery and payment methods


1. The ordered license along with the music piece in digital form is available for download after payment

2. Accepted forms of payment: Bank transfer, PayPal.

3. The seller issues an invoice without VAT for each product sold.



6. Complaints and returns


1. Complaints regarding the operation of the store and access to music files should be reported via the contact form on the store's website or by e-mail to the following address:

2 The Buyer declares that he has read the demo version of the work available on the store's website

and on this basis, declares that he resigns from his right to terminate this contract pursuant to Art. 10 sec. 1 of the Act on the Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and Liability for Damage Caused by a Dangerous Product (Journal of Laws of 2000, No. 22, item 271). § 5


7. Final provisions:

- In matters not covered by the provisions of this contract, the provisions of the Polish Civil Code and the "Act on Copyright and Related Rights" (Journal of Laws No. 24, item 83 of 1994) shall apply.

-Any disputes that may arise from the performance of the license agreement shall be settled by the parties to the court having jurisdiction over the seat of the company.


All copyrights to the offered music are owned by its author: Jacek Żur